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Wrapped in God's Covenantal Grace

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Celebrating God's Providence as it is accomplished through the Covenant of Grace.

Text: Exodus 12:12-13
Date: 11/15/2020, the Combined service.
Series: "On The Holiness of God" Part 2

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What is the connection between a promise God made to an aging bedouin man over 4,000 years ago, your current trials in life, and John's vision of a glorious, triumphant church worshiping God as so many stars shining in His heaven for eternity? In a word-- everything! (That is, if you are a true believer in Jesus Christ!) As a continuation of the story of Joseph and Israel's family, and how they went from 70 starving goat herders to a mighty nation of worshipers, we will begin a discussion of Moses and the Exodus-- at least as far as the Passover. But in preparation for taking the Lord's Supper, we will concentrate on the meaning of the Passover, the covenant that it was a sacrament of, and how that covenant effects all who know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We will find that because of God's covenant with Abraham, regardless of what swirls around us in this life, our destination as the glorified saints of heaven is the surest thing in life-- for those who are wrapped in God's Covenantal Grace.

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I. Introduction, Gen. 15:6, Rev. 7:9-10.
II. Exposition of the text, Exodus 12:12-13.
A. Theological definitions.
1. God's Sovereignty and Providence.
a. God's Eternal Decree.
b. God's Sovereignty.
c. God's Providence.
2. God as Covenant-Maker.
a. Defining a biblical covenant.
b. The signs of the covenants.
3. A short definition of typology.
B. "Fast-forwarding" to the Passover.
1. Revisiting the story of Joseph.
2. A quick look at the story of Moses.
a. Trouble in Egypt, Ex. 1:8, 12-14, 22.
b. The birth of a deliverer.
c. Moses' preparation as a deliverer, Ex. 2:23-25.
C. God's Providence through His Covenant.
1. Background to the Passover.
a. Background to the covenants.
b. The covenant with Abraham.
i. The promise of descendents, Gen. 15:5-6, 12:2-3.
ii. The promise of a home, Gen. 12:7, 15:18, John 14:1-2, Rev. 15:2-3.
iii. What this means for you, Gen. 12:3.
iv. The sign of the covenant.
2. The sacrament of the Passover, Ex. 5:1, 7:16.
a. The context of the Passover.
b. The institution of the Passover.
i. The particulars of the Passover, Ex. 12:3-7, 21-24.
ii. The sign of God's grace, Ex. 12:12-13, Deut.7:6-7.
iii. The signs of atonement.
• The sign of propitiation.
• The sign of expiation, Ex. 12:15-17.
D. The New Covenant.
1. The consummation of all covenants in Christ, Heb. 10:4, 1Cor. 5:7, John 1:29.
2. A new set of sacraments.
a. Baptism
b. The Last Supper, Luke 22:14-20.
3. The eschatological aspect, Luke 22:18.
III. Conclusion

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