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Wrapped In God's Providence

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Finding comfort in the power of God's Providence as illustrated by the story of Joseph.

Text: Gen. 45:8
Date: 11/08/2020, the Combined service.
Series: "On The Holiness of God" Part 1

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In a world of uncertainty, Christians should find great comfort in resting upon the sovereignty and Providence of God. The great stories of the Bible, especially those in the Old Testament, are testimonies to the immutable will and decree of God as He brings about His plan of Redemption through both Primary and Secondary means. We will briefly define these important concepts and then turn to the Old Testament for an epic example. God wanted a nation of worshipers to gather before Him in the desert at Mount Horeb. But before that could happen, a struggling family led by an aging father with 12 contentious and sometimes wicked sons must be grown into a mighty nation capable of worshiping Him. In order to accomplish that, God raised up a servant by the name of Joseph. We will trace his incredible story of suffering and blessing to show how completely God's Providence was at work in and around his life. Ultimately we will find comfort in our own uncertain and sometimes volatile world, as we remember that no matter how disturbing our current circumstances-- we as believers are all securely wrapped in God's Providence.

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I. Introduction
A. A temporary redirection.
B. Defining some terms.
1. God's Eternal Decree.
2. God's Sovereignty.
3. God's Providence.
II. Exposition of the text, Gen. 45:8.
A. Unveiling a Providential Plan.
1. Joseph and the intention of God, Gen. 45:8.
2. Moses and the intention of God, Ex. 3:12, John 4:23-24.
B. Following the trail of Providence.
1. The Patriarchs.
a. Father Abraham, Gen. 12:1-4, 15:5-6.
b. Isaac and Jacob, Rom. 9:13.
2. Jospeh suffers under God's Providence.
a. Background.
b. Joseph's dreams.
c. The man in the field, Gen. 37:15-17.
d. Selling Joseph into slavery.
e. Sold to Potiphar, the captain of the guard, Gen. 39:2-5.
f. Joseph goes to prison.
i. Suffering unjustly.
ii. God's favor in prison, Gen. 39:21-22.
iii. The dreams of Pharaoh's servants.
3. Pharaoh's dreams.
a. The profound impact of the dreams.
b. The wine steward remembers.
4. Joseph is exalted under God's Providence.
a. All glory to God, Gen. 41:16, 28, 38-41, 51-52.
b. Pharaoh's fortune, Ex. 3:22.
5. Joseph reveals God's Providence.
a. Joseph reveals his true identity, Gen. 45:1-7.
b. Primary and secondary causes, Gen. 45:8.
c. A New Testament example, Acts 2:23-24.
6. Bringing the story to a close, Gen. 50:19-20.
C. The out-working of Providence.
1. Returning to Horeb, Ex. 19:16-25.
2. The eschatological reality, Rev. 7:9-17.
III. Application
IV. Conclusion

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