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Living And Dying in Christlikeness

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning to reflect the example of Jesus in the way we live and ultimately in the way we die.

Text: John 21:18-19
Date: 10/04/2020, the Combined service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 196

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After Jesus commissions Peter to compassionately shepherd His flock, He enigmatically reveals the way Peter will die. But regardless of the consequences, He instructs Peter in the end to "follow Him". When taken in the context of the rest of this closing chapter to John's Gospel, Jesus is mapping out for Peter a life of radical discipleship and a gruesome death by crucifixion that will reflect His own. And yet, with this sword dangling over his head, Peter will spend the next 30 years joyfully spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom and establishing the foundation of the church of Jesus Christ. We will analyze Peter's "coming of age" and how it deeply impacted the quality and intensity of His Apostolic ministry, as well as how church history tells us this prophecy was fulfilled. Ultimately we will apply this call to radical discipleship to ourselves and discover what it means to live and die in Christlikeness.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 21:18-19.
A. Context, John 20:30-31.
1. The fishing expedition, John 21:3.
2. The breakfast on the shore.
3. The restoration.
4. The commission.
a. The condition, John 21:15.
b. The task.
5. The compassion.
B. Reflecting Christ in life and in death.
1. Jesus' prophecy concerning Peter, vs. 18.
a. The truth formula, John 1:51.
b. The follies of youth, vs. 18a.
i. Peter's "coming of age", 1Cor. 13:11.
ii. The importance of "coming of age".
c. The freedom of youth.
d. The ominous prophecy, vs. 18b.
i. The restrictions of age.
ii. A disturbing prophecy.
• An image of crucifixion.
• Dressed-- or undressed?
• Marched to the Cross.
iii. Searching for a deeper meaning, Mark 8:34.
2. John's parenthetical explanation, vs. 19a.
a. The manner of Peter's death.
b. To the glory of God.
i. A reflection of the glory of Christ in His death.
• References to the glory of Christ, John 12:27-32, 13:31-32, Heb. 2:10.
• References to the glory of suffering, 2Cor. 4:17, Rom. 8:18, 1Pet. 4:14-16, 1Pet. 5:10.
ii. The glory of fulfilling God's purpose, John 3:16, 10:17.
iii. Peter's "reflective" glory.
3. Following Jesus, vs. 19b.
III. Application
A. Christlikeness and you, John 12:25-26.
B. Living in Christlikeness.
1. To live like Christ.
2. To obey like Christ, John 5:19, 14:15.
3. To love like Christ, John 15:9, 13:35.
4. To worship like Christ, John 4:21-24.
C. Dying in Christlikeness, 2Tim. 4:7, Luke 23:34.
IV. Conclusion

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