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Breakfast With The King

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Looking on in awe as Jesus, the King of kings, prepares and serves breakfast for His disciples.

Text: John 21:9-14
Date: 09/13/2020, the Combined service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 194

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After the extraordinary catch Jesus provides for the seven disciples in Galilee, they wrestle the bulging net to shore where they find He has prepared breakfast for them. After augmenting the fish and bread all ready cooking on a charcoal fire with some of the fish from the miraculous catch-- Jesus, the King of kings, serves breakfast to His disciples. We will consider in awe the implications of this act of love and provision-- not only as it reveals the nature of our Lord, but also His relationship with His church in the ages to come. We will find great comfort regardless of our circumstances in the fact that our Good Shepherd is always watching over us and always concerned in both our physical and spiritual wellbeing. And after we have thrilled to the text, those attending in the Sanctuary will have a double blessing as we partake in the sacrament of Communion; and in a very real, albeit spiritual way-- have breakfast with the King!

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I. Introduction, 2Sam. 9:7,13.
II. Exposition of the text, John 21:9-14.
A. Context
1. The action of the story.
2. The symbolism of the story.
B. The breakfast on the shore.
1. Breakfast on the grill, vs. 9.
a. The Lord's provision.
b. A meaningful gathering.
i. The charcoal fire, Johon 18:18.
ii. The bread and the fish, John 6:8-11.
2. More fish for breakfast, vs. 10.
a. Bringing some fish from the net.
b. Finding meaning in the addition.
3. The "super-abundant" catch, vs. 11.
a. The 153 fish.
i. Avoiding a numerological explanation.
ii. The nature of the catch.
• The abundant catch.
• The Providential catch.
b. The un-torn net, Luke 5:6.
4. The invitation to break the fast, vs. 12.
a. The invitation for a respit.
i. The need for the breakfast.
ii. The need for personal grace, Johon 4:32.
b. The silent response.
i. Grappling with the question of recognition.
ii. Putting ourselves in the disciples' shoes, Luke 5:8.
5. The King who served breakfast, vs. 13.
a. The Eternal Servant, Mark 10:45, Johon 13:5,14.
b. A powerful image, John 14:18, Matt. 28:20.
6. The third revelation, vs. 14, John 21:1.
III. Application
A. The blessings of obedient discipleship.
B. An invitation to have breakfast with the King.
1. An invitation to Kingdom Workers.
2. An invitation to the timid or recalcitrant.
3. An invitation to all who believe.
IV. The Sacrament of Communion.

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