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The King of Golgotha

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Understanding the glory and exaltation of the King who "rules the world from the tree"!

Text: John 19:16-22
Date: 06/28/2020, the Combined service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 183

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One of the most poignant and puzzling images of the Gospel narrative is that of Jesus hanging on the Cross with a placard above His head that reads: "King of the Jews". This is a paradox that is impossible for the unbeliever to grasp and difficult for many Christians. In this message we will explore the reasons it can truthfully be said that Jesus "rules the world from this tree!". We will try to understand how such an ignoble and horrific event as the Crucifixion actually exalts and brings glory to our Lord as the ultimate Prophet, Priest and King. We will discover that this powerful image represents the fullest expression of the Gospel-- both of God's fathomless love and grace, and the graphic warning of how He deals with sin. The ultimate objective of this message is that all who hear, see or read it will bend their own knees in praise, adoration, worship and exaltation of the glorious King of Golgotha!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 19:16-22.
A. Context
1. The King of Gabbatha.
2. Prophet, Priest-- and King.
B. The paradox of shame and exaltation on the Cross.
1. The place of the skull, vs. 16b-17.
a. Noticing John's brevity.
i. Multiple omissions.
ii. Focus on redemption.
b. Outside the camp, vs. 17a, Lev. 16:22,27, Heb. 13:11-12.
c. The burden of the Cross, 17b.
i. An image of shame.
• The shame of crucifixion, Gal. 3:13, Deut. 21:23.
• The paradox of shame.
ii. A voluntary shame.
iii. In the shadow of Abraham, Gen. 22:7-8.
d. Locating Calvary, vs. 17c.
i. Searching for the meaning of "Golgotha".
• Adam's skull.
• A place full of skulls.
• A skull-like hill.
ii. Two traditional sites.
2. Christ Crucified, vs. 18.
a. Maintaining John's focus.
b. Numbered with the transgressors, Isa. 53:12, 2Cor. 5:21, John 3:14.
3. The inscription of the King, vs. 19-22.
a. Pilate writes a message, vs. 19.
i. What the inscription said.
ii. Why Pilate wrote the inscription, John 19:14,15, 18:36.
iii. A sarcastic insult, John 1:46.
b. An international inscription, vs. 20.
i. A carefully chosen location.
ii. Multiple languages.
iii. The lasting significance, Room. 11:15, Psa. 96:10.
iv. The exalted King of Golgotha, John 12:27-28, 17:5.
c. The attempt to suppress the inscription, vs. 21, Rom. 1:18.
d. Pilate finds his spine, vs. 22.
i. Courage out of spite.
ii. Pilate's guilt.
III. Application
A. The exalted King.
B. The King of grace, John 3:16-17.
C. The King of Judgment, John 5:27,30, 3:18-19.
1. The horror of the Cross.
a. The physical suffering.
b. The spiritual suffering.
2. A personal warning.
IV. Conclusion

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