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On Authority, Injustice, and the Kingdom

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Establishing the Biblical relationship between the Kingdom, earthly authority and injustice.

Text: John 18:36-38;19:10-11
Date: 06/14/2020, the Combined service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 181

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As a continuation of our study of the injustice surrounding the trials of Jesus, we will return to the words He speaks during His two interviews with Pilate. For they hold deep significance and relevance for Christians today who wonder how the church should react when confronted with the abuse of power or injustice from authorities. We will turn not only to the words of Jesus, but the teaching of the New Testament Apostles as we plumb the Biblically-defined relationship between God-ordained authority, the nature of that authority, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

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I. Introduction
A. A question of injustice.
1. A clear injustice.
2. An inexplicable reaction.
B. The reaction of the church.
II. Exposition of the text, John 18:36-38;19:10-11.
A. Context
1. The first interview.
a. The discussion of Lordship, John 18:36.
b. The discussion of truth, John 18:37-38a.
2. The second interview: the discussion of authority.
a. The depths of injustice, John 19:10.
b. The source of all authority, John 19:11.
B. How we got to where we are.
1. Establishing the source of truth.
2. Destroying truth, Matt. 7:24-27.
C. Scriptural teaching on authority and injustice.
1. Racial equality within the true church.
a. The essential racial climate of the church, Rev. 7:9.
b. Racial tension in the early church, Gal. 3:28. Rom. 10:12, 1Cor. 12:13, Col. 3:11.
2. New Testament guidelines.
a. Establishing the perspective.
i. Life under Nero.
ii. The essence of injustice.
b. Paul's teaching on authority.
i. The source of all authority, Rom. 13:1, 2.
ii. Excellent advise for those under authority, Rom 13:3-5.
c. Peter's teaching on authority.
i. Peter's guiding principle, 1Pet. 2:12.
ii. The extent of authority, 1Pet. 2:13-14.
• To the institutions.
• To the emperor and governors.
3. How the Christian should act under authority.
a. The impact of Christ-like behavior.
i. The power of doing good, 1Pet. 2:15-17.
ii. The power of the silent sufferer, 1Pet. 2:18-20.
iii. The model of Christ, 1Pet. 2:21-23, Rom. 12:19.
b. The purpose of Christ-like behavior, 1Pet. 3:1,2,14,15, 1Cor. 7:16-17.
III. Application
IV. Conclusion

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