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The Suffering Servant King

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Grappling with the compelling image of the scourging and mocking of God Incarnate!

Text: John 19:1-6
Date: 05/31/2020, the Combined service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 179

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After a failed attempt to release Jesus as innocent, Pilate turns Him over to his soldiers to be flogged and mocked. His plan is apparently to make Jesus look so ridiculous that no one would believe He was a King. We will analyze how satan continues to use this tactic today to undermine the Gospel. But mainly, we will grapple with the fact that the bound, battered and bloody man Pilate presents to the Jews is indeed the incarnation of the Sovereign, Creator God and the very image of human perfection! We will ask both believers and unbelievers if they continue to scourge and mock Jesus even today in their doctrine, lifestyle and worship (or lack thereof!). And ultimately we will ask the eternal and very personal question: "How will you respond to the compelling image of Jesus as the Suffering Servant King?"

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 19:1-6a.
A. Context
B. The Paradox of the King.
1. The flogging, vs. 1, John 18:38.
a. Harmonizing the Gospels, Luke 23:22.
i. Different "floggings" for different situations.
ii. The "lesser flogging".
b. Keeping our focus on Jesus.
2. The mockery, vs. 2-3.
a. The crown of thorns, vs. 2a.
i. Mocking Jesus' sovereign Kingship.
ii. "Wearing the curse", Gen. 3:17-18.
b. The purple robe, vs. 2b.
c. Mock hommage, vs. 3.
3. Another declaration of innocence, vs. 4, Luke 23:22.
4. Pilate presents "the Man", vs. 5.
a. Pilate's dual mockery.
i. Mocking Jesus.
ii. Mocking the Jews.
b. Ecce Homo!
5. The response of the leaders, vs. 6a.
III. Application
B. Revealing Jesus as He truly is, John 1:29.
1. The Suffering Servant, Isa. 50:6, 53:2-3, 7-8, 11.
2. Behold the man!
a. The sovereignty of God, John 19:11, Isa. 53:10.
b. Understanding the image before us.
i. God in the flesh.
ii. The perfect man.
• Humility
• Obedience
• Love
B. Questions from the Gospel.
1. One question for unbelievers.
2. Three questions for believers.
a. Continuing to "scourge" Jesus.
b. Continuing to mock Jesus.
c. Asking yourself, "why"?
IV. Conclusion

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