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A Crisis In Discernment

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Avoiding the abysmal lack of discernment that led to the ruin of Judas Iscariot.

Text: Matt. 27:1-5
Date: 04/12/2020, the Good Friday service.
Series: "Good Friday" Part 11
Occasion: Good Friday

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As part of our traditional Good Friday series, we continue to make our way chronologically through the events of the day Jesus was crucified. This year we will see a confrontation between Judas and the Sanhedrin which according to Matthew directly followed their farcical, early morning trial. Our focus will be on the abysmal lack of discernment shown by both Judas and the Sanhedrin-- to have the miracle-working Son of God before them and to misjudge Him so completely. After a brief look at the text, we will consider how the same problem is manifest today, as millions of people are misled by self-proclaimed prophets who manufacture a variety of aberrant views of Jesus and tragically lead their followers down the same road as Judas. But ultimately we will turn the discussion inward and ask ourselves some hard questions about our own spiritual discernment. We will compare our own lives against the dictates of Scripture and see if we, like Judas are ignoring the clear signs and commands of Scripture and thereby creating for ourselves a crisis in discernment.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Matt. 27:1-5.
A. Context, vs. 1,2.
B. Judas and the Sanhedrin.
1. Qualifying Judas' remorse, vs. 3.
a. The seeds of poor discernment.
b. Feelings of remorse.
c. Not real remorse.
d. Returning ill-gotten gains.
2. The guilt of "innocent blood", vs. 4.
a. Judas attempts to "right his wrong".
i. Confessing guilt is not enough, Deut. 27:25.
ii. Declaring Jesus as innocent blood, Matt. 26:63-65.
b. The callous response of the Sanhedrin.
i. A callous bunch.
ii. A blind bunch.
iii. A wicked bunch.
3. Judas' final act of defiance, vs. 5.
III. Application
A. Standing firm for the real Jesus.
B. Carefully considering our own discernment.
1. Identifying the Jesus of Scripture.
2. Following the Jesus of Scripture in life and belief.
IV. Conclusion

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