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Gazing Upon His Glory

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Finding comfort and strength in the glorious future Jesus has prepared for His church.

Text: John 17:24.
Date: 04/05/2020, the Combined service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 171
Occasion: Palm Sunday

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In our single verse for this study, Jesus reaches perhaps the pinnacle of His High Priestly Prayer as He prays for all who truly believe in Him to be gathered with Him to see His glory. We will analyze the deeply reassuring and exalted language Jesus uses and what it means for the church. But in the end we will take comfort in the fact our Lord has prayed so fervently for us to be with Him, where He is, and gaze upon His glory. Few more glorious words have ever been spoken-- words that are sorely needed at a time when such trouble and uncertainty grip the world. So take heart Oh Christian! Find comfort and strength in the glorious future and destination your Lord has planned for you-- to spend eternity gazing upon His Glory!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 17:24.
A. Context
B. Gazing on the Glory of God.
1. The request.
a. The tender address.
b. The request of authority, Luke 22:42, John 4:34, 5:30, 6:38.
2. A prayer for a chosen people.
a. A people that includes the church today, John 17:6.
b. A people united by Christ, John 14:6, Acts 4:12, Rom. 10:9, John 3:3.
c. A people gifted from the Father, James 1:17, John 14:7.
d. A people no longer of this world, John 17:14, 1Pet. 2:9,11.
3. Forever with the Lord.
a. A location and a Presence.
i. A definite location.
ii. A physical Presence.
iii. What that means for you!
b. A Heavenly communion.
c. The Bridegroom and His Bride.
d. A place prepared, John 14:1-3, 16:33, 1Cor. 2:9.
e. The glory of His Presence, Rev. 21>23, 1Tim. 6:16.
4. From glory to glory.
a. Gazing at the glory, 1Cor. 13:12.
b. Glory that is shared, John 17:22, 1John 3:2, 2Cor. 3:18.
5. The bond of love.
a. A love that is eternal.
b. A people set apart, John 17:24, Eph. 1:4-6.
III. Application, Rev. 5:1-14.
IV. Conclusion

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