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Into His Marvelous Light

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Celebrating what it means to be "sanctified in the truth".

Text: John 17:17
Date: 03/15/2020, the Contemporary service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 168

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At the heart of the Gospel is the idea of being saved out of the spiritual darkness of our sins, and ultimately out of condemnation in Hell. But too often that remains our focus and not what we have been saved "to": a new life with Christ; a life of obedience and discipleship. As Jesus continues His High Priestly Prayer, He prays His disciples will be "sanctified in the truth". We will discuss the way He uses the word "sanctified" and how this consecration is a twofold process. He does not just pray that His disciples will be set aside for the purpose He has for them-- but that they will be set aside in the truth. After reviewing what this truth is and where it can be found, we will celebrate our own sanctification, and the fact that we as Christians are consecrated for our Lord's use "out of" the darkness and "into" His marvelous Light.

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I. Introduction, John 13:8,37, 1Pet. 2:9,11.
II. Exposition of the text, John 17:17.
A. Context, John 17:14-16.
B. Sanctified in the Word of Truth.
1. The Word and the Truth.
a. The Word, John 17:8,14.
i. The Word of the Triune God, John 17:8, 14:10, 1:1,14, 16:13.
ii. The written Word, Heb. 1:1-2.
b. The Truth.
i. The Truth of the Triune God, John 14:24, 14:6, 16:13.
ii. The absolute truth.
2. The request for sanctification.
a. Protected by the truth, John 17:15.
b. Sanctified by the truth.
i. Identifying "them".
ii. What it means to "sanctify".
• Sanctifying things, Ex. 3:5.
• Sanctifying people, Ex. 29:31, Lev. 8:12.
• Sanctified in their calling, John 17:19, 13:10, Jer. 1:5.
• Sanctified for exclusive use.
iii. The method of sanctification.
iv. A passive "sanctified".
C. Interpretation
1. Recognizing the "out of" and "into" of sanctification.
a. The "out of" of sanctification.
b. The "into" of sanctification.
c. The dangers of half-way sanctification.
2. Examples from the Decalogue.
III. Application, 1Pet. 2:9.
A. You are sanctified.
1. Celebrating your consecration.
a. Called out of darkness, 2Cor. 5:17.
b. Called into the marvelous Light of Christ, Matt. 6:33.
2. Keeping a "sanctified perspective", Jonah 1:9.
B. A practical application.
IV. Conclusion

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