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The Word of Truth

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Recognizing the Word as the ultimate source of absolute Truth.

Text: John 17:17
Date: 03/08/2020, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 167

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In His High Priestly prayer for His disciples, Jesus continues to emphasize the importance of the Word of God. As He prepares them for His imminent departure, He knows He is leaving them in the midst of a wicked and hostile world. For their protection and edification (and to insure the success of their mission), He has given them the Word His Father gave Him. This Word is the topic once again of our discussion. In this message we will focus entirely on Jesus' profound claim that the Word of God is Truth, and therefore the standard of objective truth that all other truth claims must be judged against. Ultimately we will consider some examples of hotly debated truth-issues from our culture today and compare them to the Truth of Scripture. In doing so, we will find that based on Jesus' words, the search for Truth ends when we turn to its only absolute source-- the Word of Truth.

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I. Introduction, John 18:37-38.
II. Exposition of the text, John 17:17.
A. Context, John 17:9,14,15.
1. An exclusive prayer, John 17:9.
2. Focus on the Word, John 17:14.
3. Protection from the evil one, John 17:15.
B. Concerning the Word of Truth.
1. Defining the Word and the Truth.
a. The Word, John 17:8,14.
i. Words of the Father, John 3:34, 5:24, 8:47, 14:10.
ii. Words of the Son, John 1:1,14.
iii. The words of the Spirit, John 14:26, 15:26.
iv. The centrality of the Word, Matt. 22:37-38.
b. The Truth.
i. The Truth from the Father, John 14:24, 4:23.
ii. The Truth of the Son, John 14:6, 1:17.
iii. The Truth of the Spirit, John 14:17, 15:26, 16:13.
2. The enemy's attack on the Truth.
a. By denying that the Word is indeed the Word of God.
i. The complete rejection of the Word, John 12:39,40, 1Cor. 1:22-23.
ii. The "deconstruction" of the Word, John 3:19-20.
iii. By adding to the Word, Matt. 15:7-9.
b. By denying the existence of objective truth.
i. Claiming absolute truth does not exist.
ii. If it does exist, claiming it is not knowable.
c. The effectiveness of the attack.
3. Setting the record straight.
III. Application, Rom. 3:4.
A. The power of the truth.
1. In the realm of science, Gen. 1:1,26, 2:7, John 1:3,4, 5:26, Psa. 90:2.
2. In the realm of morality.
a. The question of abortion, Psa. 139:13-16, Jer. 1:5, Eph. 1:4, Ex. 20:13.
b. The question of human sexuality.
i. The question of extra-marital sex, Ex. 20:14, Heb. 13:4.
ii. The question of homosexuality, Rom. 1:26-27.
c. The question of "gender identity", Gen. 1:27, Matt. 19:4.
3. In the realm of religion, Ex. 20:3-7, 34:14, Deut. 32:17-21, John 14:6, 8:24, Acts 4:12, Eph. 4:4-6, 1Tim. 2:5.
IV. Conclusion, Col. 2:8.

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