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Kept In the Father's Name

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Finding joy in what it means to be "kept in the Name of the Holy Father"

Text: John 17:11-12
Date: 02/02/2020, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 164

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As Jesus continues His High Priestly Prayer, His attention remains on the plight of His disciples. Knowing that He is returning to His Father, He expresses concern over the spiritual protection and well-being of these men when He leaves them and goes to the Cross. Towards this end, He prays that His Father would "keep them in His name". We will analyze the glorious implications of what it means to be "kept" by our "Holy Father," who is both transcendent and immanent. Ultimately we will celebrate the joy that is manifest in those Jesus is praying for, and the absolute surety of salvation and sanctification for those who will be "kept in the Father's name"!

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I. Introduction, Heb. 1:3.
II. Exposition of the text, John 17:11-12.
A. Context
B. Joy in the Father's name.
1. What it means to be "kept" in the Father's name, vs. 11.
a. In the world, yet not in the world.
b. The heaven-bound Son, John 14:28, 17:5.
c. The earthbound disciples.
i. Revisiting the state of "the world".
ii. An age-old conflict, John 15:18-19, 17:14, Gen. 4:8.
iii. An intensified conflict.
d. The trancendence and immanence of God.
i. The transcendent God, Isa. 55:8-9, Ex. 19:12-13a, Ex. 3:5.
ii. The immanent God, Gal. 4:6.
e. The "keeping" of the disciples, John 17:6.
i. To harbor and protect during the coming crisis.
ii. To keep eschatologically.
f. In the name of the Father.
i. Searching for the meaning.
• To be kept by the power of His name.
• To be kept IN His name.
ii. Kept "organically", John 15:5,10.
iii. In the hands of the Holy Father, John 10:29.
g. As revealed by the Son, John 14:9.
h. One with the Father and the Son.
i. A prevalent thought, John 13:34-35, 1Pet. 3:8, 1Cor. 1:10, Phil. 2:2.
ii. Organic, not compromising.
iii. Like the organic unity between Father and Son.
2. The work of the Good Shepherd, vs. 12a, John 10:14-15.
a. The sojourn of glory.
b. In the name of the Father.
c. Re-emphasizing "the gift".
d. Protecting His flock, John 10:11-13, Luke 22:31-32.
e. The preservation of the saints, John 6:37,39,40.
3. The son of perdition, vs. 12b.
a. Identifying the betrayer.
i. A more forceful word.
ii. Identifying Judas, John 13:21,26,27.
iii. A traitor in their midst, John 6:70,71.
iv. God's sovereignty and Judas' culpability, John 6:39, Matt. 26:24.
b. Fulfilling Scripture, Psa. 41:9, John 13:18.
III. Application, John 17:20.
A. The extraordinary priestly prayer of Christ.
1. A prayer sure to be heard.
2. A prayer often repeated.
B. Celebrating the prayer.
1. Finding comfort and encouragement "In His Name".
2. Finding joy in obedience.
IV. Conclusion

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