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Counter-Culture Marriage (Part 2)

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Seeking the biblical solution for marriage-- focusing on the husband's responsibility.

Text: 1Pet. 3:1-7
Date: 01/19/2020, the Evening service.
Series: "Peter's Epistles: The Sojourners Handbook" Part 16

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In this second part of a two part mini-series on biblical marriage: Peter continues to teach his readers the principles of Biblical authority, and passes from an opening discussion of citizens, countries, slaves and masters to the ever-popular and highly controversial subject of wives and husbands. As we make our way through this text, we will make no effort to syncretize the message to the sensitivities of our culture, but will seek the solid Biblical teaching concerning headship and submission that Peter so clearly expounds. After a short review of the wife's responsibility in a Christian marriage, we will focus on the husband-- encouraging men to be all they were made to be "in Christ". Ultimately we will bring the two together and find that the curse of the Fall still plagues modern marriages and can only be solved by turning to Christ in a decidedly counter-cultural but very biblical marriage.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, 1Pet. 3:1-7.
A. Context
B. Reviewing Part 1: The responsibility of the wife, vs. 1-6.
1. Peter's cultural perspective.
2. The call to submission, vs. 1-2.
a. A continuation of thought.
b. Exploring "submission", Eph. 5:22, Col. 3:18.
i. Husbands and wives.
ii. Defining "subject", 1Pet. 2:18.
c. Focus on evangelism, vs. 1b-2.
d. An unconditional submission.
e. Submission "in the Lord".
3. The call to chaste behavior, vs. 3-4.
a. Don't adorn the body, vs. 3.
i. Beauty is not just skin deep.
ii. Cultural examples.
iii. Learning the principle.
b. Rather adorn the heart, vs. 4.
i. The "redeemed self".
ii. The "imperishable self", 1Pet. 1:4.
iii. The "Christ-like self", Matt. 11:28-30.
c. Precious in the eyes of the Lord.
i. A special place in God's heart, 1Pet. 2:20.
ii. Excluding abusive relationships.
iii. Pleasing God rather than the culture.
4. The paradox of submission, vs. 5-6.
a. The examples of the holy women of old. vs. 5.
i. The nature of their holiness.
ii. Hoping in the Lord rather than the culture.
b. The example of Sarah, vs. 6a.
c. Broadening the scope, vs. 6b.
i. Doing good.
ii. Fearing nothing, Rom. 8:31.
C. Part 2: The responsibility of the husband, vs. 7.
1. Noticing the disparity in space.
2. Treating wives with love and honor.
a. A different perspective.
b. A formula for life.
c. Be considerate and understanding.
i. Living in the knowledge of Christ.
ii. Harder than it seems, Eph. 5:25-33.
d. Show honor and respect.
i. Obliviates second-class treatment.
ii. Obliviates half-hearted manipulation.
iii. Obligates unconditional honor and respect, 1Pet. 1:15-16.
3. Celebrating "the weaker vessel".
a. Weaker because of oppression.
b. Weaker physically .
i. The physical prowess of the male.
ii. The curse of the Fall, Gen. 3:16.
c. A deeper sensitivity.
4. Heirs in grace, Gal. 3:28.
5. A hindrance to communion and sanctification.
a. Hindered prayers, Matt. 5:23-24.
b. The biblical view of the abuse of authority, Matt. 24:45-51.
III. Application
A. Back to Genesis.
1. The superhuman pair.
2. The devastation of the Fall, Gen. 3:16.
B. The legacy of the Fall.
1. Male supremacy.
2. Feminism.
C. Returning to the Garden in Christ.
1. Turning to the Bible.
2. Refusing to allow the culture to dictate and define our terms.
3. Finding our solutions in Christ.
IV. Conclusion

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